Create, launch, and scale your intellectual properties. 
Build a legacy.
Through effective marketing and sales techniques, and systems that protect you.

Helping marketers + freelancers build their own profitable and sustainable brands. 



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You've put the growth of your business on the back burner for far too long. If you want to break the cycle we need to infuse your business with clarity and pull the right levers that will generate more cash. 
  • To build solid systems that will protect you and your time. 
  • To hire a team focused on delivering excellence and results.
  • To elevate your marketing efforts both for your business and your clients. 
  • And to finally build a powerful sales machine that acquires new clients and sells your IPs while you sleep. 

This is the answer. The question is are you ready to go all in?


Feeling stuck when it comes to your business?

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Daughter of God. Wife. Mother. Latina Entrepreneur. I am all that + a marketing nerd. I've dissected 1000s of marketing strategies, implemented them for my clients, and for my business. I am currently part of the board of directors for some really cool tech start ups, digital marketing director for others. I've managed to build a business that runs on 20 hours a week and generates over half a million dollars a year. But it wasn't always like this. I had to build the systems, polish my sales skills, and upgrade my marketing results to get here.  

I’m Emely. Fractional CMO and Business Coach.


The details

Learn 1 out of 2 techniques that I use to have a consistent flow of leads into my service-based business without using Facebook Ads, posting Reels or TikToks every day, lead magnets, funnels, etc. Not only will you walk away with the entire strategy laid out for your business, you get a toolkit packed with valuable templates, swipe files, a GIG directory, and mini-trainings.

Prospect Pathfinder

FOR Beginners —


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The step-by-step lead acquisition framework of the top 10%. Learn how to build irresistible six-figure offers, pitch them, and close them with confidence. 

This is the key to growing a half-a-millon dollar business with just 3-4 clients a month. Break up with the inconsistent revenue and say hello to predictable deposits every month.

Enterprise Offers Program

For experts  —


The details

My 12 month group mastermind program is for the business woman ready to claim the Lion's Share of her industry. Leverage a unique network of high performing entrepreneurs, weekly coaching calls,  2 retreats a year, all-inclusive access to my entire course collection, 1:1 support, and the promise of transforming your business into a Wealth enabling machine.

Prominence Mastermind

Mastermind —


“I can't believe how much I didn't know! Since working with Emely, we've tripled our annual income!”


“If you want to work with someone that has integrity, work with Emely and her team.”


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The overhyped agency model, big teams, and hustle culture are stale concepts that have taken up far too much space in your mind. It's time to Marie Kondo your beliefs around your business and your life and recalibrate around the deep, wholesome, soul-nurturing desires that have been ignored as you spend sleepless nights and grinding days trying to figure this whole business thing out. What if there was a better way to grow your business so that you can step into your purpose with confidence? 

Multiple five-figure months. Just got easier.



We are women in marketing leading multi-million dollar companies, building sustainable brands, and amplifying impact across the globe. While raising families and pursuing freedom on our terms.

Together, we are going to pull back the curtains on how women do marketing. Implement their strategies and learn what it takes to build successful marketing businesses today.

For the auditory learners

Marketing Mavens


Discover the 7 Cardinal Rules to Generate 10k (in profits) every month in your marketing business with this gorgeous Ebook.

10k Roadmap: How to make 10k in profits consistently

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Client Locator Cheat Sheet

Need more clients? Download my handy list of all the places I would look for a client if I needed one tomorrow. Click below and download it for free!